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"Saving lives 30 compressions at a time!"

American Heart Association courses at your convenience!
CPR Training Classes - Certification and re-certification classes 

First Aid Training - includes choking and stroke warning signs
HIV / Bloodborne Pathogens Class 
AED- Automated External Defibrillator Training

We offer American Heart Association training certification classes at your location. 1 Life 2 Live provides our corporate customers quality CPR AED First Aid Safety training in an accelerated format, presented in an entertaining and informative manner.  

And don't forget about quality. . .. . .This is what sets us apart from the others!

* Professional instructor providing high-quality training
* Your instructor will have real CPR experience
* Your instructor will have real AED experience
* Train on state of the art equipment
* National certification that's accepted globally
* Your class will be fun and VERY interactive. You will learn a lot and have fun doing so - we promise!
* As a token of appreciation, no student leaves empty handed!

According to OSHA 13% of all workplace fatalities result from sudden cardiac arrest. According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest claims about 340,000 lives each year or around 930 every day in the United States. Sudden cardiac arrest, which is the leading cause of death in the United States kills more people than breast cancer, lung cancer, and AIDS combined. Currently 95 percent of all cardiac arrest victims die. Yes, I said ninety five percent of all cardiac arrest victims die.